Gentle care to stop the pain, receive treatment, and save your tooth — often in only one visit.

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Gentle care to stop the pain, receive treatment, and save your tooth — often in only one visit.

Discover relief, comfort and healing by an expert team of caring and gentle dental professionals who specialize in root canal therapy and related procedures.

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About Us

The word “root canal” can sound scary. Sometimes, patients will suffer in the dark with their pain for too long, afraid that the procedure will make life worse instead of better.

Led by Dr. Ted Beauchamp, Beacon Endodontics is an expert team of caring dental professionals who specialize in effective root canal therapy and related procedures. In partnership with your dentist, we diagnose the cause of the pain and let you know how we can heal it. Then, we repair your tooth in a way that ensures maximum comfort during and after treatment.

The GentleWave Advantage: Root Canal Treatment That Promotes Pain-Free Fast Healing.

GentleWave is a modern way to treat infected root canals. It uses special fluids and sound energy to gently clean tiny spaces deep inside the tooth where bacteria can hide out. The goal is to kill infection while keeping the tooth strong. This allows patients to heal faster. GentleWave goes the extra mile to care for patients while effectively fixing the problem.

Over 92% of patients can finish treatment in just one session, giving time back into busy schedules.

Patients are also often surprised at how comfortable they are during and after the procedure. Click on the video to hear more about what patients are saying about GentleWave!

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What Can I Expect at Beacon Endodontics?
From the moment you arrive, you’ll know you’re in the right place, under the care of gentle professionals.


Imagine arriving at our office knowing you’ll receive the full benefit of our focus and know-how. We’ll carefully study the issues you’re experiencing, listen to the reservations you may feel, and let you know how we can help. We are here for you.


You can relax during your procedure. We don’t do anything until we’re sure you feel comfortable and pain-free. If you need it, we can help with nitrous oxide. It’s safe for almost everyone, taking the edge off the nervousness some feel in a dental chair.


Root canal therapy removes the infection that is causing your pain. We use the latest technology to ensure complete treatment of the diseased tissues. We’ll let your dentist know everything we did, and coordinate any follow-up appointments.   

What is an Endodontist?

Endodontists work hand in hand with dentists to provide specialized care.

Specialists in Root Canal Therapy

Endodontists are partners in patient care that work in concert with your general dentist to give you the best care possible. After dental school, endodontists receive two to three years of additional training where they learn to perform root canals and related procedures. Practices like Beacon Endodontics focus solely on these procedures.

Many dentists are capable of performing root canal therapy, but endodontists perform 25 to 30 each week! Dentists refer patients to Endodontists because of our extensive training and specialized equipment. They know their patients will get a great result.

Why Choose Beacon Endodontics?

Our number one goal is to provide patients with a calming experience where they can find comfort and healing.


We are centrally located in Wentzville, MO, and many times have same-day availability. Our office is easy to find, and we are happy to answer any questions you have.


Our sole focus is on getting patients the best care they need. This includes having state-of-the-art technology on hand to deliver both comfort and quality of treatment.



To avoid any surprises, we share costs prior to appointments and procedures. We accept a wide variety of insurance carriers and accept CareCredit financing.

Don't Suffer with Tooth Pain Any Longer.

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