Treatment for Cracked Teeth

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Teeth can crack in a variety of different ways, and in differing severities. Pain associated with these cracks range from none at all to constant, debilitating throbbing. Often chewing sensitivity is the chief problem, but temperature and sweets sensitivity can develop.  Making a diagnosis, can be difficult as the symptoms will commonly come and go over time.

Treatment for cracked teeth varies depending on severity and location. Some cracked teeth can be treated with a simple filling or crown. More severe cracked teeth may require root canal therapy or even Apicoectomy. Occasionally cracks occur which are so severe that nothing can be done to save the tooth in which case it must be extracted.  The key to treating cracked teeth is an accurate diagnosis for which endodontists are specially trained.

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Understanding Cracked Tooth Symptons and Treatment

Do you have a cracked tooth? Learn about the symptoms and how endodontists help patients avoid tooth extraction. It’s important to treat a cracked tooth quickly, so the problem doesn’t get worse.

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