The GentleWave Advantage

The GentleWave Procedure: An Innovative Alternate to Root Canal Treatment


Cleaning the intricate anatomy within root canals can pose challenges in endodontic care. Our practice is overcoming these obstacles by implementing GentleWave – an advanced technology enabling unparalleled effectiveness and ease.

GentleWave is an innovative alternative to standard root canal treatment. It uses a combination of procedure fluids and energy to cleanse the most microscopic and complex portions of tooth roots – including tiny spaces beyond the reach of conventional methods.

With its comprehensive cleansing capability, GentleWave minimizes the chance of complications over time.

Patients describe the GentleWave experience as comfortable, quick and calming. We know you’ll appreciate the painless procedure with soothing sounds reminiscent of a white noise machine.


Root Canal Treatment That Promotes Pain-Free Fast Healing.

Over 80% of consumers describe feeling anxious or scared over receiving a root canal procedure. But root canal procedures don’t have to be painful if patients choose to receive the GentleWave Procedure.

The GentleWave Procedure promotes pain-free fast healing. And because its technology is so effective at cleaning the root canals inside a tooth, there’s a high likelihood the tooth will stay clean well into the future.

GentleWave: A Breakthrough in Patient Comfort and Effectiveness

Crucial for pleasant endodontic care, GentleWave delivers faster and more comfortable root canal treatment through revolutionary technology.

More Comfortable Care

Unlike manual instrumentation which can leave behind infected tissue and bacteria, GentleWave uses disinfecting fluids and acoustic energy to completely clean root canal systems. This minimally invasive approach is designed for an easier, pain-free patient experience.

Faster Treatment Times

GentleWave’s advanced Multisonic Ultracleaning® can efficiently reach root canal anatomies in one appointment instead of multiple visits. This saves patients valuable time through quicker in-office treatment.

Remarkably Effective Outcomes

GentleWave generates enhanced cleaning and superior clinical outcomes by accessing microscopic spaces beyond standard methods. Preserving more natural tooth structure also strengthens long term health.

Look and Feel Your Best

Our skilled endodontists can typically clean, disinfect and fill the affected tooth in a single GentleWave session instead of multiple visits. This minimally invasive protocol preserves more natural tooth structure while promoting rapid healing. Patients can promptly resume normal activity.

We take pride in providing patients with leading-edge endodontic solutions like GentleWave. If you require root canal treatment, please contact our office to learn how GentleWave can provide efficient care so you can quickly enjoy restored comfort and function.

How do patients know if they are a good candidate for the GentleWave Procedure?

Most patients are good candidates for the GentleWave Procedure; the patient’s endodontist or dentist can help confirm that for their specific case. The GentleWave technology can handle and effectively clean most types of cases, including highly complex canals.

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