Treatment of Dental Trauma

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Injuries to the mouth can damage teeth, leading to possible infection and pain. Sometimes these problems arise immediately following trauma or they manifest themselves years after the initial traumatic event. Injuries that dislodge teeth require repositioning and splinting at a minimum, much like a broken arm requires a cast. Additionally, monitoring the health of the nerve inside of the tooth may indicate that a root canal is necessary. Typically, the more severe the injury and displacement, the higher the chance of needing a root canal.  Teeth that are completely avulsed will absolutely require root canal therapy. 

Children Are Typically at a High Risk for Trauma.

Higher activity level and underdeveloped coordination and balance make children more susceptible to dental trauma.

children risk dental trauma

Because children are typically at a higher risk for trauma, it is highly recommended that children active in sports visit their general dentist for a mouthguard. To complicate matters, children have a long transition period between their primary and adult dentitions. The root systems of the adult teeth require several years to complete formation after eruption into the mouth. 

 If a child sustains a traumatic injury to incompletely formed teeth, special procedures may be required to prevent problems.  It is recommended to seek evaluation and treatment for traumatic injuries as soon as possible after the injury to minimize the risk of pain, infection, or loss of the tooth.

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